8 Nov 2018

Remote mouse server app Turns your Smartphone into Wireless Mouse

Turn your Smartphone or tablet PC into the mouse of your computer to operate it remotely, it is one click away software. The Remote Mouse Server enables you to turn your mobile phone or tablet into a wireless mouse and keyboard. Control your computer from your room. It is effortless to download, install, configure and use. 
The steps for installation of this freeware for iPhone / iPad and Android devices have detailed here www.remotemouse.net. Go through it and just follow the instructions. Turn your smartphone or tablet/ iPad into a remote mouse.

Features of Remote Mouse Server

  • Ensuring the full active functioning of keyboard and mouse
  • Retaining the main mouse functionalities as intact
  • It supports the landscape and portrait modes of functions
  • The customised function key incorporates the iOS keyboard
  • Always support the key combos
  • Remote control of your device in your workspace
  • Wireless mobile and wifi networks enriched
  • sensitive work interface and simple to use
  • friendly with Windows and  Mac operating systems

Remote Mouse Server for Mac iOS | Windows iPhone |iPod Touch | iPad |Android