12 Apr 2017

WPanorama Free for Image Viewer for Panorama Pictures

View panorama images by scrolling them horizontally or vertically on the screen and can also run in full-screen or screensaver mode with additional options. The WPanorama  a free software image viewer designed for panorama pictures for an easy view of the panorama.

It supports 360-degree scrolling, as well as back and forth scrolling with adjustable scroll speeds, mirror mode and more. It can also be used to create and view photo slideshows of regular size images. Other features include export to AVI video, optional background music, support for Geotags and more.

This will automatically scroll around a panorama giving you an uninterrupted view of the landscape, but it is also possible to use the mouse to manually navigate through the image and adjust the speed of playback.

Download WPanorama image viewer