9 Nov 2017

Easy way to sync your contacts, calendar, etc... across your devices.

Most of the geeks were always font with multiple platforms and devices if you were not great of you. Here is the way to synchronize all device like desktop, laptop, tablet and multimedia mobiles in contact with personal, friends and business details.

But the contact and calendar details with these gadgets cannot be accessed with one another.  Memotoo is the solution for you to synchronize all your contacts and calendar information with your phones, tablets, and computers.

Thus the app will end your tension and worries, and you can access the information in any of your gadgets. The information and data from any of your devices can transfer to any other, and whenever you update any details in any of your gadgets, it will be automatically updated.

Memotoo offers three packages, Free, Premium, and Business. With the free account, sync is limited, whereas Premium is unlimited. All you need is to sign in with memotoo.

Features of Memotoo

  • Memotoo helps to store all your contacts, your calendar your bookmarks, your SMS and access to all your E-mail accounts.
  • Memotoo allows you to synchronize your emails and social networks like  Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn, Yahoo!, Windows Live, Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Google, iCloud.
  • Keep your data safe and confidential when your phone lost, Computer crash
  • All your E-mail accessible on one page especially Google, Yahoo, Hotmail / MSN
  • Share your data with friends and clients
  • The app will work as a reminder of events
  • Easily backup and restore