1 Mar 2013

Download latest Avast! 8 Antivirus for free.

AVast! has released the latest version of antivirusAvast! 8, it is the next version of Avast! 7 and available for free download. The latest version would be downloaded from Avast! website or you can upgrade from your gadget automatically. It will be available in four versions Avast! Free Antivirus, Avast! Pro Antivirus price starts from $39, Avast! Internet Security price starts from $49 and finally Avast! Premier price starts from $69.

The Avast! 8 compatible with the latest window8 and other OS. It has a new feature of software updater which will automatically update the most commonly exploited apps like Java, Flash, Adobe Reader etc.

Features of Avast! 8 Antivirus
  • Blocks viruses & spyware
  • Allows assistance from a geek friend
  • Secures shopping & banking
  • Runs risky programs safely
  • Blocks hacker attacks
  • Secures personal data
  • Stops annoying SPAM
  • Blocks phishing scams