6 Nov 2018

Send Free SMS Text Messages Worldwide with Wadja.com

Send free SMS to your friends over 500 networks and 200 countries in an awesome way through Wadja.com, a faster and simpler way to send one-to-one and group text messages to any mobile, anywhere.  It is a Mobile Social Network, no need of any downloading and installation.

www.wadja.com is a mobile competent service specifically designed to be viewed on your mobile phone or handset device.

To send free SMS using Wadja.com you just sign up and send free unlimited text message SMS to your Wadja friends. Once you add your mobile phone number to your Wadja profile, you can receive SMS from other Wadja users also. Wadja supports 80 character free messages. There is no delivery confirmation.

Send free text messages through wadja.com  

Some answers to Wadja use.
How do I send SMS (text message) to Wadja users ?  
To message users you must be signed in to your Wadja account. Just select the friends Mobile Profile you want to message and click on the ‘Send message’ link. You can then write your subject and message body and click send. Your message is immediately delivered to your friends inbox and mobile phone handset through a text (sms) alert.
Can I message users that are not on my friends list?
Yes, you can contact any Wadja user with your private message.
Who can I text (sms) message? How do I text (sms) message Wadja users?
You can send a free text (sms) messages to anyone who is on your friends list and has added their phone number to their details page. To text (sms) message a friend simply sign in to your Wadja account and click on the Text SMS link. You can then add (click check box) your friends name to the message box. You will notice that Wadja do not actually show your friend’s mobile number, but rather their Wadja ID for security reasons.
How can I receive text (sms) messages?
In order to receive text (sms) messages from your friends list, you need to provide your mobile number in the ‘About me/Interests’ option of your account. Keep in mind that you can make your mobile number invisible to your friends list, but still receive messages, since your friends only see your Wadja ID as a ‘Send to’ option in their sms contact list. Your mobile number will only be available to your friends in your network.
Does my mobile number need to be a certain format?
Your mobile number should be in the following format: + country code, area code, and number…e.g. in the US (+1 602 2233445) with 1 being the country code.
Can I send text (sms) messages anywhere in the world?
Yes, you can send text (sms) messages anywhere in the world for free with Wadja. We cover over 500 networks in over 200 countries, so chances are that your friend will live in a place where your text message will reach them.
Are text (sms) messages really free?
Yes! You can text (sms) message between your friends list for FREE. Wadja text (sms) is supported solely by advertising, so Wadja can keep the service totally free for all our users.
Can I text (sms) message people who are not on my friends list or not Wadja users?
Yes you can message Wadja users who are not on your friends list. To begin a text (sms) communication with a Wadja user, simply make a friend request to them and wait for their approval. We have also added a feature to text (sms) someone who is not in the Wadja community. Just simply add their mobile phone number with + country code, area code, and number…e.g. in the US (+1 602 2233445) in the YELLOW ‘Mobile Number’ box and send your message. For security reasons, Wadja do have a limit on your text (sms) messages outside of the Wadja network.
Can I text (sms) message in my own language?
Yes, you can text (sms) message in your own language, but the characters need to be Latin based. Unfortunately non-Latin characters in the FREE text (sms) feature may not display properly.
Send free text messages through wadja.com