28 Oct 2018

Snap Draw an Eassy creative Screenshot tool

Make a Screenshot with Snapdraw, an excellent free tool with great features, even though the user not familiar with, different styles of the screenshot in a second. Snap draw can take the entire screen, current window, multiple desktop and transparent window and so on.

On the raw of facilities, the app stands in the first place, can add graphical changeovers in screenshots, moreover arrows and pointer to a highlit section of the image, callouts to magnify areas, add texts in noticeable paces in the image. Although,  can save the image in many popular formats and share the image in all possible social media and emails.

In SnapDraw Fre e, all the complicated annotation graphics such as Callouts and Magnifier Lens or nice looking effect, such as 3D perspective and reflections are built-in tools.  Due to these tools, need to point and click in order to create fantastic work within a small amount of time while still preserving the high quality of files. So, on the road, it is the right choice for those who like to have more productive in the space one entitled to excel.